DPS Tracker Map

Street Sweeping Tracker Map

If you live in an ‘orange’ section on the map, if possible, please try to keep your vehicles off the street between 8 am and 2 pm this week. 


  • Green: Complete
  • Orange: Scheduled to be swept this week
  • Blue: No action this week

About Street Sweeping

 DPS will provide street sweeping throughout the Spring/Summer seasons. There will not be any 'No Parking' signs posted for Spring/Summer sweeping. An interactive map will be updated daily, so residents can have a rough idea of when the sweepers will be in their area. One pass through the city should take approximately one month. 

Many areas are missed due to parked cars, construction, street closures, etc.; more frequent sweeping should be able to address any missed spots. That said, once the sweepers go through, they will not return for any reason. 

The sweeping will start at the south end of the city. The sweepers will avoid garbage pick-up days. So, if it is your trash day, the sweepers will not be in your section that day. 

DPS will do its usual autumn sweeping. 'No Parking' signs will be posted in the fall. The additional sweeping will keep the roads clean and clear of debris, which will also help out the city's drainage system. 

We appreciate your cooperation!