Sidewalk Improvement Program

Sidewalk Improvement Program 2021-2026

At the August 12, 2019 city commission meeting, the commission directed the engineering division to begin a new six-year sidewalk program, which begins in Spring 2021 and also endorsed the updated sidewalk replacement criteria. The city is separated into six target areas to perform sidewalk replacement work each year.


If you would like to review your sidewalk estimate with the project inspector, please contact the Engineering Division directly to schedule an appointment on site.

By Phone248.246.3260

2021 Target Area

2021 target area


The city commission will be discussing and determining if new sidewalks should be installed adjacent to properties where none currently exist at the commission meeting on May 24, 2021 at 7:30 pm. This will be a virtual meeting online.

Property owners are welcome to participate in public comment regarding new proposed sidewalks during the public comment portion of the meeting by leaving a voicemail at 248-246-3411 between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on May 24, 2021. Voicemails will be played for the commission during the meeting. You can read the Engineering Division’s recommendations for new sidewalk installation at all potential locations here.

Payment Plans

Property owners must submit Payment Plan Request forms
to the Engineering Division PRIOR to receiving their bill

If you would like to have your cost for the sidewalk improvements spread over a longer period of time, you can fill out a Sidewalk Payment Plan Request form.  This will be reviewed by the city commission.  If approved, payment plans will be billed through the treasurer's office, typically spread over six years with a maximum 6% interest rate. Interest rates and time period are established by the city commission prior to billing. Plans can be paid off at any time without penalty through the treasurer's office. Currently, this is the only payment plan offered by the city and you must elect this option prior to receiving your bill.


In the spring, after receiving the construction notification letter with your estimate for sidewalk improvement, you can schedule a meeting with the project manager for concerns regarding your sidewalk.  If you still disagree with the proposed sidewalk to be replaced, the project manager will give you an Exemption Request form to fill out and submit to the city engineer, who will review it and make a final decision. The exemption must be approved before the city’s contractor arrives on your street.

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