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Teen Discord Server for ROPL

  1. Age Requirement for Discord Use:*
  2. Teen Discord Rules of Conduct
    Royal Oak Public Library uses social media (such as this Discord server) to maintain a welcoming online presence where people can learn about, share, find out about library events, hang out online in a safe space, and discuss library-related topics with staff and other users.

    In order to encourage a safe, online community, please abide by these rules of conduct:

    1) Be polite and respectful of each other, yourself, and the Teen Librarian.

    2) No trolling, spamming, bullying, or hate speech of any sort will be tolerated.

    3) Refrain from “callouts” or personal attacks.

    4) Avoid controversial political or religious topics. Agree to disagree should a difference of opinions erupt.

    5) Protect your privacy and the privacy of others.

    6) Keep things PG. Do not post graphic content, including explicit language, sexual content, gore, or inappropriate jokes.

    7) Do not post advertisements or try to sell anything. 

    8) Do not conduct or encourage illegal activity.

    9) Use an appropriate name and avatar.

    You are responsible for your actions on our server.

    You cannot hold the library responsible for anything that happens on this server.

    The Teen Librarian reserves the right to delete any comments or mute or kick or ban any member from the server should these rules be ignored.

    (These rules will also be pinned to the Welcome and Rules channel on the Discord if you need to refer back to it.)
  3. By checking the box below, you are agreeing that your legal guardian is aware and approves of your use of Discord for library programming purposes.*
  4. If your parent would like more information, click here:
  5. Discord Programming

    We're just getting this server off the ground, and we want to know what you are looking for in a Discord experience. Help us understand what you're looking to get out of the library Discord by answering the following questions.

  6. If you are interested in weekly programming (ex. Tabletop Tuesdays where we meet for an hour on Tuesdays to run D&D campaigns), what kind of programs would you attend? Please check all that apply.
  7. If you checked off any of the boxes above, would you be interested in moderating one of these discussions? The librarian would be present, but you would take the lead on the discussions:
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