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Outstanding Customer Service Award

  1. Award Period
    Nominate by January 1 for recognition by January 31
    Nominate by April 1 for recognition by April 30
    Nominate by July 1 for recognition by July 31
    Nominate by October 1 for recognition by October 31
  2. What?
    Help us recognize employees that have gone above and beyond to provide a more customer centric culture by nominating them for our Outstanding Customer Service Award! The Customer Centric Culture Team (CCCT) will review nominations each quarter and select two employees to be awarded the customer service scooters, be recognized at a city commission meeting, and receive either a $25 gift certificate or street sign.
  3. Who?
    Any active full or part-time city employee may be nominated by either a coworker or resident.
  4. What is outstanding customer service?
    When evaluating nominations, the CCCT will look at how the employee demonstrated our values:
    Integrity, Positive Attitude, Respect, Fairness, and Empathy,
    and codes of conduct:
    Live the Golden Rule, Embody Honesty, Act with Patience, Take Responsibility, Listen Attentively, Communicate Effectively, Lead by Example, Be Proactive, and Live Royal Oak.
  5. Contact information will only be used if clarification is needed on the nomination.
  6. Contact information will only be used if clarification is needed on the nomination.
  7. Thank you for your nomination for the Outstanding Customer Service Award. Please be assured, we will thank all employees for their nomination regardless of whether they are selected for the final award.
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