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Construction Project Updates

The city realizes construction will be an inconvenience and all efforts to expedite the work will be utilized to minimize traffic conflicts and access to various properties abutting the project. If you have questions you can contact the Engineering Division at 248.246.3260.

2018 Project Map

CAP2007 Gardenia Avenue Improvements

East of Main Street to Campbell Road

Contractor: AJAX Paving Industries, Inc.

The city will be resurfacing Gardenia Avenue from just east of Main Street (east of Frentz & Sons Hardware) to Campbell Road. Construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-October 2018. The city has closed Gardenia Avenue to thru-traffic and is prohibiting side street traffic from entering Gardenia between Main Street and Campbell Road as shown on the map below.

The contractor plans to complete concrete at the intersection of Alexander during the week of August 27th. This intersection will be repaved in concrete as a “raised intersection” with ramps at each entryway to help with traffic calming.

The contractor also plans to finish handicap ramp work between Alexander and Campbell and will begin removing pavement for road reconstruction just west of Campbell Road.

CAP1806 S. Campbell Road Resurfacing

10 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road

Contractor: Iafrate Construction Company

The east half of S. Campbell Road remains closed for the first phase of construction, and traffic is currently shifted to the west side of the road.  One lane is open in each direction.  The following left turns are not allowed during this phase of construction:

  • Northbound and southbound Campbell Road at 11 Mile Road
  • Westbound Lincoln Avenue at S. Campbell Road

The contractor has milled the east half of the road and is paving the bottom layer of asphalt on Friday August 24th. The contractor will be adjusting drainage structures on the east half of the road throughout the week of August 27th.

The contractor tentatively plans to shift traffic from the west side to the east side of the road later in the week.

You can find more information on the project at

CAP1720 Royal Oak Roadway Rain Gardens

Contractor: Anglin Civil, LLC

This project is located within the median of E. Fourth Street between S. Blair Avenue and S. Connecticut Avenue.  Four rain gardens will be installed along the outer edges of the median and will be planted with native perennial plantings.  Rainwater from the roadway will drain into the rain gardens to help keep water out of the city’s sewer system.

The contractor has finished excavating and is working to place the planting soils within each rain garden. Several sections of curb were recently poured and will cure throughout the next week.  The contractor plans to install rain garden plantings after Labor Day, and there will be minimal work during the week of August 27th.
The Clinton River Watershed will be hosting a site tour of these rain gardens on Friday August 24th at 6:00pm (meet at E. Fourth Street and S. Vermont Avenue). This presentation will allow residents to witness the early steps in creating a rain garden, discussions of next steps, and the various plant choices. The second half of the tour will feature the existing rain gardens on E. Fourth St. and Kayser Avenue and a few lessons learned and maintenance tips. Interested attendees will receive a copy of the Royal Oak residential rain garden installation manual.
Visit our website at to learn more about rain gardens.

CAP1815 Asphalt Resurfacing Improvements

Contractor: AJAX Paving Industries, Inc.

The project is divided into three phases:

CAP1815 Phasing

The contractor is working to finish all restoration and is also performing “punch-list” work to correct deficiencies throughout the project, including miscellaneous curb and driveway replacements.

The contractor will be applying a rejuvenating agent to the surface of all the streets to help extend the pavement life.  There is not a date scheduled for this work yet, but the contractor will put “No Parking” signs in place the day before so that all vehicles are off the new pavement.

CAP1835 Road Reconstruction Improvements

Contractor: Hard Rock Concrete, Inc.

Informational Presentation: The Engineering Division prepared a presentation to discuss the details of this project.  If you haven’t seen it, you can view the presentation here.

The project is substantially complete. Topsoil and sod restoration is ongoing on various streets. Replacement trees are scheduled to be planted on Woodland Avenue during the week of August 27th.

CAP1505 Concrete Street Repairs

Contractor: Galui Construction Company, Inc.

The contractor plans to finish the other halves of Bamlet and Woodslee and will then begin working on the streets north of 13 Mile, working from south to north later during the week of August 27th.

CAP1822 Non-Motorized Improvements

Contractor: Warren Contractors & Development, Inc.

The inside lanes of N. Main Street from Euclid Avenue (south of 12 Mile Road) to Normandy Road are currently closed, with one lane open in each direction along the outer edge of the road.

The contractor plans to finish pavement removals and begin installation of pedestrian refuge islands along N. Main Street (Euclid to 14 Mile Road) during the week of August 27th.

You can find more information about the project at

Please note that construction schedules are tentative, and may change based on weather delays, subcontractors or substantial field modifications. These updates are based on the information currently available.

You can visit to view the 2018 project map, find copies of mailed construction notices, and read about the city's various construction projects.
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