RainSmart Rebate Program

RainSmart Rebates

Royal Oak Residents can join the RainSmart Rebates pilot program and earn rebates for installing green stormwater infrastructure on your property. Beautify your space while managing stormwater effectively!

RainSmart Rebates is two-year residential pilot program geared towards homeowners in the George W. Kuhn Drain Drainage District. The pilot offers homeowners up to $2,000 for implementing sustainable stormwater practices such as tree planting, rain barrel installation, or creating a rain garden on their properties. The primary goals of the program include fostering awareness about stormwater management and promoting environmental stewardship.

Applicants will follow a step-by-step process to implement an approved project to be eligible for the one-time rebate. To see if you are eligible, visit Oakland County's Eligibility Tool. Here are the steps to follow after you’ve received confirmation you are eligible:

Homeowner rain barrel outside of door near a box garden.Application: Applications open January 2, 2024! If your property is eligible and you are accepted into the RainSmart Rebates program, you will receive a notification via email. Within that email, you will be given a link to pay your $25 site assessment fee. Once the site assessment fee is paid, you will receive a link to sign up for a RainSmart Rebates site assessment with the Clinton River Watershed Council. The Clinton River Watershed Council is one of our project partners.

Assessment: The site assessment will cost homeowners $25 and is required to be involved in the program. The Clinton River Watershed Council staff will visit your home and discuss all the options for stormwater management on your property.

Confirmation: After the assessment, you will receive a report via email detailing what was discussed during the visit, which projects are recommended for your property, and official confirmation of your eligible projects—rain barrel(s), tree(s), and/or rain garden.

Installation: If you are approved to install a rain barrel or plant a tree, you may start to purchase and install your stormwater feature after you receive confirmation. For rain gardens, you will need to submit a design and planting plan for approval prior to installation. We will review your design and notify you upon approval. If your design needs any revisions, we will help you make revisions, but you will be required to resubmit your updated design through the RainSmart Rebates Rain Garden Design form. Once your rain garden design is approved, you may start to purchase and install your rain garden. For more information, visit the Oakland County website to learn more. Popular pages include Get Started, Resources, Frequently Asked Questions, and Document Library webpages.

Rebate: After you successfully complete your stormwater project installation, you may apply for your rebate. You must complete the RainSmart Rebates Reimbursement Request Form. This form will require you to upload photos of your stormwater project(s) and receipts of your purchases. You will also be required to sign the Property Owner Agreement during this process.

Maintenance: Your stormwater project will require periodic maintenance throughout its usable life. Please review the maintenance guidelines for the stormwater project that you installed.