Rebound Royal Oak

Small Business Assistance Program

To help local businesses recover from the impact of the Covid19 Pandemic


In an effort to maintain property values and prevent economic deterioration, the Royal Oak Downtown Development Authority has established the Rebound Royal Oak Small Business Recovery Program. The program is intended to help retail businesses in the downtown development district affected by the state of emergency, subsequent executive orders, and economic disaster following the coronavirus pandemic.

The program is intended to assist small retail businesses that have business-related expenses, such as rent, payroll, or other business-relevant activities.

The program will assist small businesses that have been specifically or effectively closed by executive order, who are either salons, restaurants, retailers, coffee shops, or entertainment venues, and who have no more than 50 employees, and are located within the Royal Oak Downtown Development District.

To be considered for assistance, qualified businesses must complete an application and provide information about their general financial circumstances, including copies of their last three rent or mortgage payments, and the length of their leases or mortgages.

Businesses will be encouraged to participate in the downtown Royal Oak buy-local program and attend a business development seminar to help improve their marketing.

Applications will be verified for completion and accuracy by DDA staff. Any information determined to be false or inaccurate will result in immediate disqualification of application.

For more information, contact Downtown Manager Sean Kammer at 248-914-4589 or at