Health & Fitness Classes

Contact the Center for updated schedule.

Instructor-Lead Classes

Zumba Gold Toning

Instructor: Debbie MacKool. Zumba combines simple dance moves in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere. It builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs, and arms with dance moves. Zumba is designed to be approachable by all populations, regardless of fitness level. No experience needed.  Please wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing.

Toning sticks are available for purchase from the instructor. $20 for a 1lb pair, $25 for a 2½lb pair. Toning sticks are not necessary but will enhance and help you get more out of your Zumba workout.

Friday12 noonPlease call the center

Chair Exercise with Cindy

Instructor: Cindy Erlandson. Improve your aerobic capacity, strength, balance and flexibility, doing a variety of fun exercises to music you will love! This class is designed to work gently but effectively on every area of the body, as well as emphasizing posture, coordination, and fall  prevention, in a 45-minute workout. It is appropriate for those who have joint limitations, as well as for anyone who prefers a mostly-seated workout. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a water bottle and hand-held weights, if you wish. 

Wednesday10:30 amPlease call the center
Friday10:30 amPlease call the center

Healthy Back Class with Cindy

Instructor: Cindy Erlandson. If you have ever experienced acute or chronic back pain, you are in the majority. This class, based on YMCA’s Way to a Healthy Back, is designed to strengthen and stretch back and core muscles in order to prevent back injuries that can often result from everyday activities; to improve posture; and to increase awareness of body mechanics to promote safety in everyday movements. Class is 45-minutes; please bring a mat and water. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 

Wednesday1:30 pmPlease call the center

Chair Yoga with Cindy

Instructor: Cindy Erlandson. This class consists of three 15 minute sections: first and last are performed seated; the middle section is performed standing using a chair for balance. Focus: breathing, relaxation, stretching for flexibility and balance practice, which also increases muscular strength.

Wednesday12:30-1:15 pmPlease call the center
Friday11:30 am-12:15 pmPlease call the center

Gentle Yoga

Instructor: Noreen Daly. Yoga creates many benefits in your overall health and wellness. Improve your strength, flexibility and sense of well-being with breath awareness and movement. Relax and  rejuvenate to look and feel better. Mat and comfortable clothing recommended. 

Monday10:00 amPlease call the center
Monday1:00 pmPlease call the center
Thursday1:00 pmPlease call  the center

Tai Chi Basic & Chen Style

Instructor: Han Hoong Wang. Tai Chi Basic exercises are for beginners to continuing. The class will include: Tai Chi warm-up, gentle stretching, Tai Chi walking and silk reeling, and section one of Chen Style Tai Chi old form. 

Thursdays9:15 amPlease call the center

Learn to Dance!

Square Dance

Caller: Walt Zatorski. Learn to square dance! Social Square Dancing is an entry level activity where participants learn calls (steps). Experienced square dancers will help you learn while you're having fun.

Monday1:00 pm$7 Drop-In Fee

Ballroom Dance

Instructor: Bill Scheff. Join Bill to learn all the fancy footwork involved in Ballroom dancing. No partner needed.

Tuesday2:00 pm$10 Drop-In Fee

Line Dancing (Intermediate) 

Line dancing is not only fun, but good exercise as well and you don’t need a partner. Come and learn the hot country line dances. PLEASE NO BOOTS!

Friday1:00 pm$3 Drop-In Fee

Free DVD Fitness

Silver Foxes (DVD)

Exercise along with the Richard Simmons “Silver Foxes” DVD. This features low-impact, aerobic workout for the intermediate exerciser.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday9:30 amNo Fee